Triceratops Nightlight

Triceratops Nightlight

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Try a Triceratops, a Dinosaur Nightlight - Triceratops, that is! Straight out of the Cretaceous Period into 21st-century bedrooms, this night light brings a soft glow to a recognizable dinosaur figure. Easily integrated into dino-themed bedrooms and playrooms, this nightlight helps keep fear of the dark away and guide kids on nighttime bathroom trips.

From the familiar horns and bumpy collar, the resin Dinosaur Nightlight - Triceratops is everything a dinosaur figurine should be plus the added LED light feature. An easy flip of the switch brings a soft glow to rooms while this 6.49-inch long Triceratops brings style to daytime dressers and desks.


  • Material: Resin, LED
  • Packaging: Gift Box
  • Size: 6.49"L x 2.55"W x 3.14"H