Prehistoric Dinosaur Pens

Prehistoric Dinosaur Pens

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Dinosaurs may have very little arms and can't write but you can write with these Prehistoric Dinosaur Pens - Set of 4. Kids and teachers love these fun prehistoric pens that feature 4 different dinosaurs. Perfect for stockings or birthday goody bags, these pens bring dinosaur-big fun to events and everyday writing. From green to brown, nose to tail, each pen is a dino-tastic addition to your pen line-up. Even writing bills is more fun with a dinosaur in your hand.

Made from sturdy resin, these Prehistoric Dinosaur Pens - Set of 4 feature dinosaur details like shading, bumps, horns and tails. Each 6.75-inch long pen also is labeled with its scientific name on the side. Not only is this quartet of pens a fun thing to toss into a craft bag, you can also discuss the pen and the species while waiting in lines or for food.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Pens Features:

  • Material: Resin
  • Packaging: Display
  • Size: 6.75"L